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Our approach to the new model music curriculum

4 years ago

We are delighted to have won the contract to assist DfE in the drafting of the new non-statutory Model Music Curriculum. We are looking forward to working with DfE in their development of this project, drawing upon the expertise of ABRSM’s wider community of musicians, teachers, academics and examiners.ABRSM is committed to working in partnership with others to help schools and classroom teachers to improve the quality and accessibility of music education across the UK and beyond. This model music curriculum, for use in primary and secondary schools in England, will cover Key Stages 1 to 3 and have an impact on pupils up to the age of 14. We believe this initiative will make a positive difference to the learning and teaching of music in our schools.The aim of the model curriculum, due for publication in the summer, is to provide schools with a practical, structured framework on which they can base their own programmes of study. ABRSM’s specific role is to facilitate the preparation of this resource with input from the wider music education sector and we have assembled a team of music education experts who have extensive knowledge of teaching at the relevant levels – Key Stages 1 to 3. We will be working under the direction and oversight of a panel of 14 music educators, appointed by DfE. We trust that the model music curriculum will assist the Department to more clearly identify subsequent policy and action that will improve access to, and progression in, music education.We’re still at the early stages of this immensely exciting piece of work. We’ll keep you updated as and when we have more to

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